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Passionate cooking based on the best ingredients

We work at Restaurant Uafhængig every day to create culinary experiences beyond the usual through our great passion for cooking. We serve dishes based on the finest ingredients and have an eye on the details of both the selection of raw materials, the preparation and the final arrangement, which means that you always get food made from scratch, in a modern and still traditional way. We have different menus, each of which, in its own way, can be exactly what you are looking for.


The fantastic climate in Denmark makes it possible to vary the range of raw materials as the seasons change. At Restaurant Uafhængig, we embrace this by having a changing menu that always follows the season, so we can ensure that our raw materials are the best. As autumn approaches, the forest is an important element in the seasonal menu.



Our restaurant is located in conjunction with Hotel America and has the most amazing view of the beautiful scenery surrounding Hobro. Many want to invite a larger company out to our restaurant and let them experience the exceptional atmosphere, and therefore we naturally have a company menu that can be adapted to the individual company's wishes. Our company menus also include service at the highest level from our skilled staff. The menu itself is determined in collaboration with the host couple, hostess or host, but one thing is certain - both you and your company will with a guarantee mark the great passion for food and wines.

We are looking forward to welcome you

Want to hear more about our menus? So contact us today at telephone 98544200. Whatever our seasonal menu, lunch or company menu, you are more than welcome to ask our knowledgeable staff for advice. We look forward to welcoming you to Restaurant Uafhængig.